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Van Grants

Vandesdelca Musto Fende (ヴァンデスデルカ・ムスト・フェンデ Vandesuderuka Musuto Fende?), better known as Van Grants (ヴァン・グランツ Van Gurantsu?), is the Commandant of the Oracle Knights within the Order of Lorelei, serving as the commander of the God-Generals. Van is the primary antagonist of Tales of the Abyss. He is also Luke's sword instructor and mentor. In the Ancient Ispanian language, his name means "The One Who Would Seize Glory" (栄光を掴む者 Eikou wo Tsukamusha?)


Van was born in N.D. 1990 on the island of Hod, son of Lord Fende and Farmyriarica Satis Fende. When Van was young and his mother was pregnant with his sister, Tear Grants, he was forced to destroy the land of his birth, Hod, by being attached to a machine that generated an artificial hyperresonance. Van was able to survive Hod's destruction, alongside his mother and unborn sister, by singing a Fonic Hymn. He fell to the Qliphoth, where he eventually reached Yulia City, and was later adopted with his sister by Theodoro Grants. Van later discovered this fate was predicted in Yulia jue's Score, which ignited his hatred of it and sparked his attempts to overthrow it. Since the creation of replicas was not predicted in the Score, and thus, they were not bound by it. His goal became to replicate the world and everything in it, destroying all originals. To do this, he knew he had to obtain a position of power to gather followers who shared his ambition. He joined the Order of Lorelei, the organization that ensures that the world follows the Score. While rising in the ranks of the organization, he presented himself to be older than he actually was so that people would be more likely to look up to him, rather than be jealous of his high rank. He gathered others who held the potential for the same hatred of the Score that he had, installing them as the leaders of various units within the Oracle Knights, the military arm of the Order of Lorelei, designating them as the God-Generals. When Asch was still known as Luke, he had gained a lot of trust in Van, and he agreed to run away to Daath with him one day. Instead, Van kidnapped Asch and had him replicated, claiming to Asch's parents that the replica was the real Luke so that he would take Asch's place. Van needed Asch for his hyperresonance, as it could be used to destroy all the Sephiroth Trees, which held the surface above the Qliphoth. The new Luke was to die in Asch's place at Akzeriuth, which is something that never happened.