Okay I have to know, what exactly did people like about this game? I tried, I really really tried to like it. I was excited to play it since it was supposed to be the 'best' of the "tales of" games and yet... wow.

Did people like the characters? If so, what did they like about them? What part of the complete lack of humilty, total disregard for emotion and hypocritical personalities did people find appealing? Was there a fan-favourite character? Who was it? When exactly did they redeem themselves?

Did people enjoy the storyline, or do many suffer from short term memory loss? The writer clearly forgot who had what information at which points in the story as early on as the first chapter. That is infuriating, as a writer I expect a professional writer to know their own story.

This is a legitimate question; I'm not just complaining. (Don't get me wrong though, I AM complaining. I am convinced that people chose the wrong game as the 'best in series' on multiple levels. It's like choosing the napkin with the drawing made from coffee stain and ballpoint pen over the Monet) I really do want a violently enthusiastic response from some super-fan giving me a reason to enjoy the game. Because honestly trying to play a tales game when you think the quest is silly and you can't stand your available character set is just not enjoyable.

(sidequests, dialogue, character backgrounds, little extras etc - those were the best parts of other tales games [ie: tales of vesparia] so what happened here? I don't even feel like bothering in this game)