• Morewind

    Storyline/ character WTF.

    November 11, 2013 by Morewind

    Okay I have to know, what exactly did people like about this game? I tried, I really really tried to like it. I was excited to play it since it was supposed to be the 'best' of the "tales of" games and yet... wow.

    Did people like the characters? If so, what did they like about them? What part of the complete lack of humilty, total disregard for emotion and hypocritical personalities did people find appealing? Was there a fan-favourite character? Who was it? When exactly did they redeem themselves?

    Did people enjoy the storyline, or do many suffer from short term memory loss? The writer clearly forgot who had what information at which points in the story as early on as the first chapter. That is infuriating, as a writer I expect a professiona…

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