Luke and Tear went to see Mayor Teodoro and Luke introduces himself as the one who destroyed Akzeriuth. Teodoro recognizes Luke as the replica and informs them that the destruction of Akzeriuth was written in the Closed Score only known to Maestro class or above. Tear informs Teodoro that Van is trying to destroy the Outer Lands, but Teodoro says Van is doing a great job as a watcher. Luke then realizes that Teodoro wouldn't listen to them and decides to return to the Outer Lands. They arrived at Aramis Spring and encountered Guy who was waiting for Luke. They left the spring and met Jade, who gave Luke a harsh greeting. Jade informs Luke and the others that Ion and Natalia have been captured by the Oracle knights; they head to Daath where they find Anise. They infiltrate the Oracle headquarters and rescued Ion and Natalia and escaped.