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Nicknames Major Legretta (From Tear)
Age 26
Gender Female
hair Blonde
occupation God-General
status Deceased

Legretta the Quick former known als Giselle Oslo is one of the God Generals and also their adjutant commander. She is Commander of the 4th division within the Oracle Knights.


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Legretta died

legretta died


Legretta was Tear's trainer and close friend before she became a member of the God Generals. In N.D. 2016 her brother Marcel Oslo died in battle. Legretta investigated the closed score and found out, that his death was predicted and Van (who sent out the troups to that battle) had known about it - had known, that everybody would die and that the troups never had a chance in winning that battle. Legretta decided to kill Van  but as he learned, that Legretta rejected the Score he made her a God General. Later on she threw away her will for revenge and got loyal to Van and eventually fell in love with him. 

Fighting StyleEdit

Legretta is competent in both physical and magical forms of attack. She wields dual, fon-tech guns which never visually require reloading, and is able to perform effective and damaging combos at a safe distance. She has a high physical defense statistic, but is not particually hard to stagger while casting spells. She can cast a multitude of Light-elemental fonic artes, as well as the high-level, Water-elemental fornic arte, Blessed Drops. She also has the ability to use certain arcane strike artes without the use of a FOF Circle, namely Inlay Nocturne and Searing Sorrow. 

Legretta also possesses two special artes involving her unique weapons. The first being Rage Laser, which fires a penetrating beam of light from her guns, and her signature Mystic Arte, Prism Ballet. She is also resistant to Light-based fonic and strike artes. It is also worth noting that she shares many artes with her student, Tear, including Eclair de Larmes, its FOF Change Flamme Rouge, Holy Lance and even Resurrection on harder difficulties.