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Gelda Nebilim


Nebilim was Jade, Peony, Dist and Nefry's teacher.


Nebilim only appears on Episode 11.


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Nebilim's death

Nebilim dies.


Jade CurtissEdit

Jade is one of Nebilim's student. A long time ago, Jade's characteristics were cold. After Nebilim died, Jade tried to make her replica but failed.


Peony is one of Nebilim's student. He is a brave king (or prince) in the past because he likes to go outside, not like the other king's child.


Dist is one of Nebilim students. In the past, he was called Saphir. Together with Jade, he created a failed replica that went on a rampage.

Nefry CurtissEdit


  • The creator of Tales of the Abyss wanted Nebilim to be a boy.

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