The God Generals are under Mohs and Van the highest rank in the Oracle Knights.

Their Members are:

Largo the Black Lion - alias Badaq Oakland; Commander of the 1st Division

Dist the Reaper - alias Dr. Saphir Ortion Gneiss; Commander of the 2nd division

Arietta the Wild - Leader of the 3rd divison

Legretta the Quick - alias Giselle Oslo commander of the 4th division; adjutant commander

Sync the Tempest - commander of the 5th division - tactical leader; chief of staff

Asch the Bloody - alias Luke fon Fabre Original; commander of the special forces

Another member is mentioned in the game named Cantabile who is the commander of the 6th division - and supposed to be the 6th of the God Generals but has been replaced by Asch.

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