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Ion...where are you...? hurts...

—Arietta's last words.


Arietta's last clothes.

Arietta is a timid girl who was raised by Ligers after losing her parents to a tidal wave, which wiped out the Isle of Feres. Since then, she has learned to control monsters and animals to aid her in battle. She also specializes in dark based fonic artes such as Bloody Howling and Negative Gate and she also casts defensive fonic artes such as Barrier and Sharpness on her monster companions in battle. In her two last battle the player can steal the Time-Traveling Girl and the Rare Genius from her as accessories for Anise. Arietta was once the Fon Master Guardian of Ion, and despises Anise for "taking Ion away" from her. Arietta wishes to kill Luke's party for killing the Liger Queen early in the game, which Arietta refers to as "Mommy".

When Van found she, she wasn't able to speak because she was raised by monsters - but he took her with him and made her Ion (Orignial) Fon Master Guardian. As the Original Ion fell sick and became bedridden, Van decided to use Fomicry on Ion to make a replica to replace the original. Knowing Arietta would notice the difference between the orignal and the replica he dissmissed Arietta from being Fon Master Guardian what made her angry and depressed. Van showed "compassion" for her and took her into the God Generals - as commander of the 3rd division. He never told her, that the original Ion had died, because he knew she would committ suicide if she did. She is therefore the only God General who never sees Sync without his mask -because she would recognize Ions face.

Until the end she believed that the 7th Ion was the original and died without knowing the truth.