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Anise Tatlin

romanji name Anisu Tatorin
kanji name アニスタトリン
Ispanian name Anise Tatlin
Age 13
Gender Female Female
eye Brown
occupation Fon Master Guardian
status Alive
relatives Oliver and Pamela Tatlin (Parents)
anime debut Episode 2
seiyu Haruko Momoi

Anise Tatlin (アニスタトリン Anisu Tatorin) is a bodyguard of Fon Master Ion and one of the protagonists in Tales of The Abyss.


Anise full

Anise is a young girl who always carries around her puppet, Tokunaga. She is an Oracle Knight and wears a pink oracle uniform with white stockings. She has brown hair and eyes. Anise mostly wears her hair in two pigtails.


Anise fights with a mixture of melee attacks and fonic spells. During battle, she controls her puppet, Tokunaga, by expanding him and riding on him. By using Tokunaga, she is able to use a combination of brutal and powerful attacks. She also uses a wand as an amplifier for magical spells. Her speed is slower than that of the rest of the party, but she has an extremely high amount of HP, allowing her to last against a number of enemy attacks. Her powerful hits also allow her to blow back the enemy.